Solar Power Systems

Gio Tech Electrical is an all-in-one service provider, offering everything you need to switch to clean solar energy. We take care of every step in your project, providing a single point of contact, and are accountable throughout the life of your system. Our experience in installing high-quality solar systems and delivering uncompromising services have made us the leading installer of residential and commercial solar systems in Brisbane.

Gio Tech are providing residential, commercial and industrial solar services. Our services include solar design, engineering, first class installations and maintenance packages.

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Custom Engineered

Our in-house engineering team will custom-design your solar system based on the layout of your facility and the long-term electrical needs of your business (20+ years).

Gio Tech Electrical engineers will complete a structural analysis of your facility and produce a full set of structural design and electrical blueprints. Your design plans will also contain the specification sheets for all system components, such as the solar panels and inverters for your project. Gio Tech Electrical will then submit your approved plans to your local electrical authority to obtain the necessary building permits.

Quality Installation

Gio Tech Electrical designs, permits and constructs solar systems to our rigorous quality, complying with all the industry standards to the letter and no short cuts are ever made. Additionally, Gio Tech Electrical prides itself on having a high percentage of licensed and certified personnel on our installation crews.

Once we complete construction, your project manager will schedule an inspection with your local building department to confirm that the installation conforms to local regulations and with the electrical authority for connection to the power grid.

Project Management

Your dedicated project manager will plan out your installation and coordinate all team members, including the engineering design team, installation crew and external city and utility inspectors. He/ She will work closely with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Your project manager will keep you apprised of the project status every step of the way.

Gio Tech Electrical’s extensive experience has allowed us to develop an efficient process for managing medium to large-scale solar projects from beginning to end, saving time and money on your project. We track the status of every job and our teams have constant access to project plans, engineering drawings, site audits, measurements and photos so that we stay informed and keep your project on schedule.

We offer Domestic, Commerical and Industrial Solar Power System services:

Grid Connect

Off Grid Connect


Hybrid Systems


Battery / Storage Solutions


Air Conditioning Solar Systems


Upgrade System Solutions


Engineering, Design and Consulting

Why choose to install your Solar Power System with us:



Our Sole Director has more than 15 years’ experience in electrical works, solar installations and designs, and enjoys working in the field with his team of engineers, technicians and apprentices. He supervises on site and is involved in every solar and electrical installation to ensure that every customer receives the best quality at all times, as promised.



Our team will inspect your premises and site conditions before starting on your specific solar power system design. Therefore, we provide a custom-made design to suit your specific needs, and at the same time offer an accurate quote for your peace of mind. The best thing about it is: It is a free service for you.



Every work will be delivered and backed up by a team of design engineers, project manager, field electricians, administration and after sales services.



We only use products and suppliers that are Australian-based companies as well as products that comply with Australian standards. Therefore, we ensure eligibility, consistency, long-term warranty, standard quality and product range availability.



We can offer one day installation for our residential customers.



On both workmanship and hardware. Terms and Conditions apply.



We can help you arrange a suitable finance option and cater for your specific needs.

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What size Solar Power System will I need?

Looking to convert your home to Solar but don’t know what you’re looking for? Simply click on the option below that best represents your quarterly Energy Bill for a rough guide:

This is typical for a small to medium size home with one person using minimal lighting & electrical equipment.

You would need a 1.5kW system

This would give you a daily average output of 6 kW hours

This is typical for a small to medium size home with a couple of people using an average amount of lighting & equipment.

You would need a 2kW system

This would give you a daily average output of 8.4 kW hours

This is typical for a medium size home with a family of 3 or 4 using an average amount of lighting & equipment.

You would need a 3kW system

This would give you a daily average output of 12 kW hours

This is typical for a medium to large home with a family of more than 5 people using multiple TV’s, computers, lighting, air conditioning, etc.

You would need a 4kW system

This would give you a daily average output of 16.8 kW hours

This is typical for a large home with a family of more than 5 people using multiple TV’s, computers, lighting, air conditioning, pool, home office etc.

You would need a 5kW system

This would give you a daily average output of 21 kW hours

YES PLEASE! I’d like to work out a more accurate size measurement and discuss long term solutions for my home.

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Good to know, however I’m actually after information and solutions for my COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL Solar requirements.

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We proudly use and recommend the following brands for all our Solar Power System services: